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On Sunday, the head of the justice department in Kordestan province in western Iran announced more arrests. "Six people who were certainly connected to Wednesday's terrorist attacks in Tehran were identified and arrested," Aliakbar Garousi was quoted as saying by the Fars news agency. Iran also said its security forces killed the mastermind of the attacks on Saturday. "The commander of this terrorist group was based in the border regions, but after the attacks left the country," Alavi was quoted as saying by state broadcaster IRIB on Sunday. "However, with cooperation of (intelligence) services that are close to Iran, he paid the price of his crimes on Saturday and was killed by Iran's security forces and our friends in the other intelligence services," he said. Iran's intelligence ministry said on Thursday that five of the gunmen and bombers were Iranian members of Islamic State who had fought in the militants' strongholds in Syria and Iraq. The attacks were the first claimed by Islamic State inside tightly controlled Shi'ite Iran, one of the powers leading the fight against the Sunni militants in the region. The Iranian lawmakers invited the intelligence minister, interior minister and also the deputy head of the Revolutionary Guards to the parliament to report on Sunday about the biggest security breach in the country in more than two decades. "The ministers should explain how terrorists managed to reach the capital and hit two sensitive targets. We are not satisfied with the answers given so far," Asadullah Abbasi, a lawmaker was quoted as saying by judiciary's news agency, Mizan. Abbasi said the attacks were unprecedented since the killing of Iranian lawmakers in 1980s.

Her golf earned attention, as did her outfit by Nike. The skirt is far shorter than traditional golfing garb and her collarless top is an atypical look. less American golfer Michelle Wie reacts to a birdie putt during the final round of the recent HSBC Women’s Champions in Singapore. Her golf earned attention, as did her outfit by Nike. The skirt is far shorter ... more ‘Athleisure’ life influences women’s golf fashion As a group, professional golfers have always been a rather stylish crowd. There are not many sports where the ultimate prize for one of its major tournaments is a single-breasted, finely tailored green blazer. Golf is a centuries-old sport, with a timeline of fashion styles to match. The garb, whatever the time period, has long sat at the intersection of function and style, with some eras featuring the more buttoned-up look of long-sleeved shirts and ties, to the current crop of professionals whose athleticism and fashion-forward approach are influencing styles. Look to U.S.

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