Finding Answers For Valuable Tactics Of Ball Gowns

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Apart from the tremendously worrying sexualization of children such products contribute to, I dont even want to know the effects these shoes would have on small, developing feet, wrote one appalledFacebook user. But her concerns about the effect on the feet do not necessarily have merit, as the company insists that the shoes are meant just for photo opportunities and are sized only for pre-ambulatory babies. According to an article in Footwear News , The shoes are not made for walking and sizes only go up tosix months, when babies start to crawl, [Pee Wee Pumps owner Michele] Holbrookadded. The shoes have Velcro straps and come with faux heels extensions of the slipper, which are filled with cotton, saysFootwear News. The footweariscollapsible with pressure and poses no endangerment tothe infant, Holbrook told the publication. To me, my Pee Wee Pumps are nothing more than the cute headbands or adorable baby rompers parents put on their babies, she added. Still, parents arent buying it, literally and figuratively, asking, WTF is wrong with people in as many ways as possible. But Holbrook says this isnt the first time theres been an uproar about her precocious product. They did it last May and it went out of control, she told Footwear News, adding, Theres no such thing as bad publicity; if it brings attention, itll help you. Pee Wee Pumps have even gotten celebrity attention, according to the publication. Coco Austin, wife of rapper/actor Ice-T, shared a photo of her newborn daughter , Chanel Nicole, in a ballerina pink pair of pumps, which matched her pink tutu and namesake top.

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