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But when a headline accompanying a column I wrote for Saturday defined her style that night as such, many outraged readers thought this meant former first lady Michelle Obama must be, by definition, unsexy. Come on, now. Seriously? Have you ready any of my columns ? What seemed to irritate you most, however, was you felt I'd objectified Melania Trump. Here is where I beg to differ. I was describing her clothes, and just as dresses can be described as glamorous or tacky or sizzling or frumpy, they can also be sexy. But I understand how the context made it hard to digest. On the weekend my column was published, a global sisterhood of womens marches was on display, not to mention, President Trumps respect for women is, how do you say?, lacking. I believe, however, that pointing out the pretty and privileged vibe of Melania Trump can help us further understand what this White House is all about. With this new administration, we have an undeniable air of American exceptionalism and aspiration essential to the perpetuation of the Trump dynasty, where looks are often everything.

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The lawmakers original plan of repealing Obamacare on a delay of several years perhaps until after the midterms and dealing with the effects later was out the window, thanks to their president. Again and again, Democrats are holding Republican lawmakers to Trumps promises on health care. Rep. Tom Price of Georgia, Trumps nominee to lead the Department of Health and Human Services, was grilled during his four-hour hearing last week by senators who pressed him to explain the discrepancies between Trumps promises and the Republicans repeal plan. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont printed out a giant poster of Trumps campaign tweet vowing not to cut Medicaid or Medicare for any American and carried it to the Senate floor, urging the president to keep his promise. So far, Republicans havent rallied around a single replacement bill, and they disagree over whether to keep Obamacares taxes on insurers and high earners in place to pay for their replacement plan. Republican Sens. Susan Collins and Bill Cassidy introduced a first attempt at a bill last week that would replace the เสื้อผ้าวัยกลางคน Affordable Care Act that keeps the tax increases of the original bill to pay for the coverage but gives states more flexibility in how they implement the plan. They both conceded they had no guidance from the Republican leadership or the White House on what the bill should look like, suggesting both are still negotiating.

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