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A smuggling lugger chased by a naval brig, by Thomas Butterworth. National Maritime Museum, London "John Nisbet had a ship and cargo seized, but you can see the lawyer for the board of customs in Edinburgh say that the witnesses had disappeared, so the customs did a deal. He paid 250 to get it all back, which still left him in profit," says Mr Janes. Increased policing By 1784, the government realised high tariffs were creating more problems than they were worth and cut tea duties to just 12.5%, making tea affordable for most people. The change meant smugglers switched to bringing in spirits and wine instead. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The end of the Napoleonic wars saw the Royal Navy in undisputed command of the Channel, making it much harder for smugglers to avoid detection The Napoleonic wars saw an upsurge in smuggling, but after 1815 with the Royal Navy in undisputed command of the sea, its days were numbered. Ultimately, many smugglers failed. In the long run, the business did not generate enough cash to compensate for the risks of losing stock or ships to the customs. John Nisbet may have been able to afford a fine house but even he went bust eventually, the result of one too many cargo seizures. In the end, it was economics that finally put an end to the smuggling era. Britain's adoption of a free trade policy in the 1840s reduced import duties significantly, making smuggling no longer viable.

"I am overwhelmed by your response," tweeted the 42-year-old mother of four and wife of England football legend David on launch-day Sunday. "Thank you for your patience and sorry for any frustration!" - 'Not this' - Beckham spent weeks promoting the line, donning the clothes and dressing celebrity friends, models and actresses in the outfits. By Tuesday, many of the items on her website were out of stock. Fans have salivated over the affordable prices -- $6 to $70 with most pieces under $40 -- in stark contrast to the four-figure dresses and three-figure tank tops from her ready-to-wear collection. And if the former pop singer herself is rail thin, known for eating little more than fish and fruit, then the collaboration has gone out of its way to cater for women from extra small to a US plus size 3X. Many online reviews have been positive from fans of a designer respected for making flattering clothes that have won over a fashion industry initially ill-disposed towards her post Spice Girls career. Items are now being resold for profit on eBay. But in the Tribeca branch of Target in Manhattan, a neighborhood where many women can afford the real thing, there were some more discerning customers browsing the racks at lunch time. "I am a big fan of Victoria Beckham. Just not this," said Crystal, who works in fashion and as a result did not want to give her last name.

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