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Q. I love all those "tiny house" shows on the HGTV cable network, and now I would like to build one myself. How do I get started? A. There's no uniform definition of a "tiny house," though most experts say it's a home that has 400 or fewer square feet of living space. It's estimated that there are only about 10,000 of them across the U.S., many of them owned by either empty-nester retirees or younger millennials who want to keep their housing costs low while they struggle to pay off their student-loan debt. There certainly are several benefits to living small. You'll not only downsize or eliminate a mortgage, but also save on utility and related costs. You'll also leave behind a smaller "carbon กระเป๋าสตางค์ ขายส่ง footprint" on Earth. And if your tiny house is built on a trailer, as many are, you can move or travel as often as you wish without going through the hassle of selling or renting your home to do it.

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Stephen Miller said thousands and thousands did vote illegally, definitively saying that this actually happened, Bolduan said. You are saying that there is going to be more data coming at the end of the month. Do you have the evidence? Illegal votes in NH? WH says KS Sec of State has กระเป๋าแฟชั่น the evidence. Had him on show. Told me just started investigating. https://t.co/MSGQnuuHWK Kate Bolduan (@KateBolduan) February 13, 2017 Kobach failed to offer definitive proof of the White House claims. He said that he was told by New Hampshire election officials that more than 6,000 people with out-of-state drivers licenses had registered to vote in the Granite State, including just under 3,000 from Massachusetts. Now some of those are going to be legit, Kobach admitted.

If you're serious about building a tiny house, you'll first need to find out if they're allowed on property under your city or county's zoning ordinances. Many municipalities set minimum square-footage requirements or have tough building codes that make construction of the pint-size homes impossible within their geographic boundaries. Some, though, make exceptions if they'll be placed on a parcel that also has a larger house on it. Assuming you don't have much construction experience, you may need to hire an architect and professional contractor to build the house. A money-saving option, though, would be to buy one of the small "kit homes" that are readily available from many websites for as little as $5,000. All of the pre-cut wood and other basic parts of the home will be shipped to you in large crates, which can then be assembled in much the same way that children construct a home with plastic Lego bricks or the popular Lincoln Logs wooden toy sets. Perhaps the most authoritative source for folks who want more information is the Florida-based American Tiny House Association (www.americantinyhouseassociation.org). One of the better books on the issue is the second edition of Dan S. Louche's "Tiny House Design & Construction Guide," which still can be purchased for about $25 at many bookstores or from websites like amazon.com and bookdepository.com. Real estate trivia: Spur, Texas (pop. 1,400), declared itself "Tiny House Capital of America" in 2014 after local officials voted to end nearly all of its size-related building requirements.

For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20170210/entlife/170219986/

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