The Basics On Local News Methods

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“It was me meeting them and them meeting me and like I said, it was a fun atmosphere and I’m glad I got to do it,” Ball said about his dinner with the Lakers. The 6-foot-6 Ball averaged 14.6 points and an NCAA-leading 7.6 assists last season at UCLA as a freshman. Few question his skill-set because of his pass-first ability as a point guard and willingness to make his teammates better. Ball came off as quiet and shy, seemingly preferring to avoid all the media hype that surrounded him at UCLA and now after his workout. His father, LaVar, on the other hand, has talked endlessly, creating controversy with his bold proclamations. Again, Ball was asked if his father put him in an unfair position. LaVar wasn’t at the workout. “Everyone has an opinion,” Lonzo said. “I know who I am. People who know me know who I am and that’s all that matters.” In his solo workout that was closed to the media, Ball admitted that it “got me tired.” But the feedback he got from Johnson, Walton and the Lakers’ coaching staff was encouraging. “Just positive vibes,” Ball said.

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