The Facts In 2015 For Smart Methods For Bed Cover

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Many other defendants in the case were regular policemen. Bodies dumped Witnesses saw the murdered men, who included local government officials, being bundled into an unmarked van in Narayanganj in April 2014. Image copyright AFP Image caption The Rapid Action Battalion was formed in 2004 and is in the forefront of the battle against militancy A lawyer who filmed the abductions was himself seized, along with his driver. Their bodies were later found with the others in the river. Among those killed was local councillor Nazrul Islam, a political rival of Nur Hossain. Hossain, an Awami League politician, was last week repatriated to Bangladesh from India. He was found guilty of paying senior RAB members cash to carry out the abductions and killings. Twelve of those found guilty were convicted in absentia. Nine others received prison sentences. The killings caused nationwide shock and sparked a wave of protests. The Bangladesh Daily Star has quoted the main prosecuting lawyer in the case as welcoming the death penalties and calling for them to be implemented as speedily as possible.

My husband handed me the folded first section of the Herald-Leader with the headline Does Lexington need a a memorable city flag? When I unfolded the paper, I was shocked when I saw the photo of your quite lovely flag. It is not a seal on a bedsheet, as some described it. Quite to the contrary, it has a blue and gold border with gold fringe on the edges. If the seal was tiny and intricate, I would agree that would not be a good choice. However, it is simple, large, historical and easy to see. Second, why does anyone want city flags to look like state and country flags anyway? By using your seal, you identify your flag. Isnt it good for cities to set themselves apart? If your citizens do not know their city flag, then educate them on its meaning. Do what you will, but this reminds me of the story, The Emperor Has No Clothes. Common sense should prevail here.

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