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Bean Clearance Sale Shoppers can get up to 60% off a range of L.L. Bean apparel, outdoor gear, and luggage discounted, thanks to a new clearance sale . The Womens Beans ProStretch Fleece Jacket for example, is priced as low as $39.99, down from $89 normally. Sizes and selection are limited, as youd expect with most clearance sales. And as with all L.L. Bean orders, shipping is free no minimum purchase required. 70% Off Mens Outerwear at Amazon A selection of mens jackets, raincoats, and fleeces from brands such as Perry Ellis, Izod, Cole Haan, Columbia, and Calvin Klein are marked down by 70% or more during an Amazon outerwear sale . For example, one Calvin Klein faux leather jacket regularly priced at $195 is available for as little as $21.44. 50% Off Deals From Adidas An Adidas sale knocks up to 50% off some footwear and many apparel items.

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Trump speaks at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., on Saturday. (Olivier Doulier/Getty Images) Merriam-Websters quiet social media shots at Trump are not a new phenomenon. During the presidential debates, Merriam-Webster took to Twitter to clarify some of the celebrity businessmans unusual utterances. We're seeing a spike for both 'ombre' and 'hombre'. Not the same thing. #debatenight Merriam-Webster (@MerriamWebster) October 20, 2016 In December, Merriam-Webster mocked Trump after the then-president-elect misspelled the word unprecedented in a tweet about Chinas seizure of a U.S. drone. China steals United States Navy research drone in international waters, Trump tweeted. Rips it out of water and takes it to China in unpresidented act. Good morning! The #WordOfTheDay isnot 'unpresidented'. We don't enter that word.

(This has already backfired: When a newscaster relayed a story about a little girl using her Alexa to order a dollhouse, it triggered dozens of Alexas in the homes of people watching the broadcast to also try to order one.) Five years ago, few would have guessed that Amazon would already be ahead of the top tech companies vying to be leaders in home automation. But Jeff Bezos, the founder and chief executive of the company, has been shaping this vision since the earliest days of Amazon. I recently revisited The Everything Store, a 2013 book by Brad Stone about how Bezos transformed the start-up from an online bookstore into the e-commerce behemoth it is today. Bezos long-term goal is to sell everything, everywhere, Stone writes. He will attempt to move faster, work his employees harder, make bolder bets and pursue both big inventions and small ones, all to achieve his grand vision for Amazon that it be not just an everything store, but ultimately an everything company. The fact that I live in New York, a city that thrives on accessibility, might explain why I was slow to grasp the appeal of Alexa. Here we have bodegas on every corner, most open 24 hours, in case you need to pick up a roll of toilet paper or a bottle of hot sauce in the middle of the night. But most Americans dont live with the luxury of that immediacy. I didnt really understand this until the holidays, when I went home to visit my mom in Virginia and we ran out of seltzer. Carbonated water is not an essential item. But in that moment, it would have been easier to quickly tell Alexa to place an order for us and forget about it until it arrived two or three รองเท้าวิ่ง nike days later, rather than try to remember to pick up a case of Poland Spring the next time someone made the 20-minute drive to the store. Thats the entire enticing promise of Amazon and Alexa: a much more efficient and manageable life, one in which you can outsource mundane tasks while you do something more important, like spend time with your family.

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